Frequently Asked Questions

On the following “FAQ” web pages, we answer many of the frequently asked questions we often hear from clients and prospective clients regarding Individual Disability Insurance, Long Term Disability, ERISA Claims, and Disability Claims that have been denied. Please click on any of the hyperlinks below for questions that are of special interest to you. For all other questions please contact us.

  • What services does Dabdoub Law Firm offer?

    Our firm is experience in handling ERISA and individual disability benefits and life insurance claims, as well as other issues that may arise in connection with these claims. We are capable of handling all aspects of your claim, from filing the initial application, handling appeals, and litigating your case in federal or state court.
  • When should I contact Dabdoub Law Firm for representation?

    You should contact our firm if you intend on filing a claim. You should also contact our firm if you have already filed a claim and it was denied, currently being appealed, or you are waiting on a decision from the insurance carrier. It is in your best interest to have an experience attorney involved as earlier as possible in order to protect your rights against the insurance carrier. Our firm is able to assist you during every step of the claims review and appeals process. Contact us for a free consultation.
  • What is the advantage having representation now rather than later?

    We have successfully handled thousands of disability and life insurance cases and have the requisite experience to ensure your rights are protected throughout the claims review process. By being involved early, we are able to guide you throughout the claims review process, thereby leveling the playing field against the insurance carrier and strengthening the chances of your claim being approved. We also help by ensuring all the evidence ends up in the claims file in the event you have to file a lawsuit to recover your disability benefits. This is particularly important in the context of an ERISA disability benefits lawsuit since the evidence before the court is usually limited to the claims file/administrative record.
  • Do I have a case?

    If your claim for benefits has been denied, our firm will review relevant documentation and make a determination of whether your case has merit. For cases concerning disability benefits, we will need to review the insurance policy at issue, medical records of your disabling condition, and correspondences between you and the insurance carrier. Our attorneys will review your case free of charge. Should our firm determine your case has merit, our attorneys will aggressively move forward to protect your rights by filing an appeal with the insurance carrier or by filing a lawsuit in state or federal court.
  • How do we get compensated?

    Our firm handles all cases on a contingency fee basis. That means we only get paid when you get paid. Speak to one of the attorneys in our firm about the various ways in which we can structure a fee agreement that best suits your financial situation.

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